About Henrik Harlaut

photo by Lindsten & Nilsson

Photo by: Lindsten & Nilsson


Henrik Harlaut aka E-DOLLO
Date of birth: August 14, 1991
Hometown: Åre, Sweden
Home Mountain: Grandvalira, Andorra
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My Story
Born and rasied in Stockholm, started skiing when i was about 2 years old in Väsjöbacken, Stockholm.  My family would always go down skiing to the alpes in France at every vacation. Started Alpine racing when i was 5 years old but at that time my biggest passion in life was Ice hockey. At age 9 my family moved up north of Sweden to Åre (swedens most populair ski resort) because my oldest brother was starting Ski racing academy. And when i moved up there i got introduced to ”freeskiing”.

I remeber being the most stoked ever when me and my brother went thru the terrain park for the first time because we had always been skiing toghter and searching for smal bumps/jumps to hit but now there was a whole slope full of it. And then it was this competitions called ”Redbull big air” where all the best freeskiers in the world got invited to compete, and I saw the competition and was like, ”I am done with Ice hockey, this is what I wanna do for the rest of my life, this is what I’m gonna put all my effort and dedication into”. So instead of always have a hockey goal out on the backyard we switched it out to a small jump and a wood rail.

I kept going with hockey and Alpine racing until i was 15 years old because my brother told me that it would help my balance and such for the future. When I was 10 years old i went on a racing camp down to Italy and on the bus down there i met Jacob Wester (Swedish pro freeskier) and he told me all about the sport how cool and free it was and he told me that i had to learn how to do a backflip once we would get down there. And after 3 tries i landed it and it was one of the most amazing feeling i have ever had, big ups/thank you Jacob!

Got my first sponsorship when i was 11 by Scott and they invited me to freeski camps/shoots and i was beyond stoked. Went to my first US Freeskiing Open when i was 13 years old, didn’t qualify but it was a good experience, then the next year i went back, made finals and landed my first switch 1260. Jon Olsson saw it and went up to me and invited me to his competition Jon Olsson Invitational and it was one of the best times for me, got to hang out with all the best skiers in the world, hit the best jump ever so i was STOKED. Also landed my first switch 1440 (at age 14). Kept competing a bunch but also always wanted to film/make movies with my brother and friends cause we though that it was the coolest part about skiing because you could express your style and tricks in a better way. Since then, i’ve competed in Dew tours, X-games, Freestyle.ch, European opens etc.

Competition pushes me to to try new crazy tricks that haven’t been done yet and to do it with maximum amount of style (for me). And filming helps me push my style even more because then you have the time to make it exactly how you like it to be. I’ve been in a lot of ski-movies from companiess like Level 1 Productions, 4bi9 Media, Stept productions, Poor Boyz Productions, Matchstick productions, Field productions, Rage films, Astivation project but this past year me and my best friend Phil Casabon joined the Inspired Media movement to get a little bit more freedom.

Being a pro skier could be really intense sometimes, travel to competitions, film shoots, photo shoots so to get a little bit more relax time we started making our own online serie of edits – B&E Show. And this is what we put the most effort and time into as far as filming goes.

For professional inquiries:

Please contact Erik Harlaut  email: erik(@)harlaut.se
Speak: +46 735 43 63 13


Photo by: Brady Perron