First Place Men’s Ski Slopestyle Dew Tour

Henrik Harlaut took first place in the  finals with a progressive and perfectly executed run that earned him a score of 95. Kicking off with a left lip bio 450 safety to backslide on the top rail feature, followed by a switch left 270 continuing 270, Harlaut immediately established that he’d be putting down a technical, creative run. His first two jumps were a clean right dub 1260 safety followed by a mind-bending, massive turntable left triple 1260 high mute. In the lower rail garden, he hit a backside 270 followed by a right 450 to switch. His bottom two hits were a conservative switch right bio 900 safety that set him up well to nail the biggest jump of the contest: a clean left dub 1620 tindy.

In an interview afterwards, Harlaut explained that he’d only done the last trick twice in his life--and never in a competition. “I don’t feel pressure,” Harlaut said of competing with a stacked field of athletes. “I only feel motivation.”