The first collection is almost here

About a year ago I wrote a post about starting my own brand by the name “Harlaut”. Since then I’ve had a few different investors that have proposed some amazing deals but when it came to the products it didn’t feel quite right. My older brother (co-partner in brand) and I started to discuss and asked ourselves, we doing a brand with our name, why aren’t we designing the gear... We grew up constantly sewing and drawing ideas of how our dream gear would look like, so why not make it official?! So we did.

And now we have finally finished designing the first collection of Harlaut Apparel and sent it to the manufacturer. In the end of January our dream will finally come to life and we will have some Harlaut clothing out for sale. So stoked wicked sick mad ill crazy and happy! Not to forget we still got a crew of amazing people helping making this dream come true that trust in mine and my bros vision, thank you!

#Sorry4TheWait #HARLAUT